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Consulting and Management

We Optimize Efficiency and Money Savings

For over 25 years, O & M Solutions has developed and improved overall operational processes and efficiency for clients throughout New Jersey. We do so by conducting a thorough review of your company’s administration and management staff, as well as the day-to-day processes being used.

Our strong fiscal background has allowed us to assist with billing rate studies and improved revenue streams while our attention to asset management has allowed our clients to understand and forecast short and long-term funding requirements.

Licensed Operations and Maintenance

We fill the needs of any organization with a full staff of licensed operators, who are experienced in all areas of treatment plant and collection system operations and maintenance.
We are experienced with various computerized maintenance management systems to ensure your facility equipment and pipeline are receiving the required attention to provide the optimum life cycle.
In the event that a piece of your equipment needs to be replaced, we have specified, procured, installed and started up hundreds of pieces of new equipment in record time.

Infrastructure Evaluation

We have allowed municipalities to maintain regulatory compliance by performing infrastructure evaluations through flow metering, I&I investigation, and conducting CCTV projects. Our work in O&M manual development has helped our customers establish effective day-to-day procedures and emergency response while satisfying the regulatory agencies as well.

Construction Services

Our staff has been involved in numerous projects involving pump station and plant upgrade, equipment maintenance and installation, construction management, and pipeline installation and repair. We have an extensive professional network that gives us direct access to some of the leading engineering and construction companies throughout the region.


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  • Member of the State Water Environment Association
  • Member of the Water Environment Federation
  • We Are Licensed and Insured